Hi, I am Marcos Papamichael and I am the Man with the Moving Camera. 

Despite being born in Cyprus, I have spent what feels like my whole adult life packing and unpacking a backpack and shifting from place to place. I have always been fascinated by other cultures; by their histories, their politics, their way of life. More than that, I am drawn to the unusual, the bizarre and occasionally the downright macabre. Above all, what I want is to fight inequality and to give people often neglected by society the chance to be heard. 

My career started off in print journalism, but the emotion of being behind the lens is one that could not be ignored for long. I am intrigued by humans. I interview, photograph and write about them. Especially the ones who often feel they have no voice. Over the last years I have spent hours speaking to the homeless community of Mexico City, taken pictures of young men trying to survive in one of Nicaragua’s worst affected rubbish tips and investigated the constantly growing yet still somewhat underground religion of Santa Muerte. 

I am based where the next project is and I am especially interested in photo assignments, commissions and political projects. 

Need someone to document the latest world injustice? Well, look no further…

Marcos Papamichael